#whitecouchproject for UW Carbone Cancer Center 2016

This just so happened to be one of the most challenging shoots of my life. Keep in mind I was once the photographer for Great Wolf Resorts, traveling from state to state photographing kids and adults while riding down waterslides, climbing ropes courses and chasing them around MagiQuest. I also worked an entire summer photographing every single rollercoaster within 5 Cedar Fair amusement parks, on and off rides. But this #whitecouchproject was challenging in a whole new way. I discovered I was pregnant! Very exciting news with not such exciting symptoms. I was struck with intense morning sickness. Which is misnamed, as I was sick all day everyday. But I made it through with the help of my husband and Taco Bell's chili cheese burritos. We can't wait to introduce everyone to our little one at the 2017 event!

The grand total for the 2016 #whitecouchproject came to $4,290.00 for the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

That is $979.63 more than last year! Well done everyone. What a wonderful experience. 

A big thank you goes out to Toot and Kate's Winebar. We could not have had such an amazing event without you! 

This year we were able to photograph 87 families, raise $763.00 at the door, pour a ton of wine, eat 153 cupcakes and take over 3,000 photos. I would call that a success! 

The #whitecouchproject is all about community. Not only are we all getting together to help raise money for an amazing non-profit organization but we are also giving families and friends an opportunity to capture memories at an affordable price. A price which can give them the chance to come to every project throughout the years and continue the spread of good deeds. It's also about getting local businesses involved and bringing the community into their locations and educating them on what they do and provide. It's a great way to get an in person explanation of the business as well as a tour. Our communities are made up of the people the organizations and the businesses. I love that my project offers a little something to everyone.

My mission is to continue to get the community, as a whole, involved. 


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